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Compensation for Disadvantage (Nachteilsausgleich)

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If students are unable to attend an exam or complete an assignment within the agreed deadline as a result of pregnancy, looking after and raising a child aged 14 or under, or taking care of close relatives have a right to compensation for this disadvantage (“Nachteilsausgleich”). Compensation for disadvantage is governed by section 109 of the General Study and Examination Regulations of Humboldt-Universität (ZSP-HU). Students who are unable to complete required attendance of a teaching session for the reasons stated above will also receive compensation for this disadvantage (Section 93 para. 1 ZSP-HU).

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Compensation options include agreeing an equivalent achievement, rescheduling examinations and extending time limits. Students who are obliged to attend a specific compulsory course for the reasons stated above (e.g. all other teaching sessions are outside of daycare opening hours) can apply for a preferential place (sections 90-91 ZSP-HU).