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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Family Support Centre

Flexible Daycare KidsMobil

  • Is your child ill?
  • Do events, continuing education or work obligations mean that you need childcare or a pick-up service outside of the daycare or after-school care center’s opening hours?

Working in cooperation with KidsMobil, HU offers a mobile, flexible service to bridge gaps in childcare.

This is designed for all organisational units within the university with funding for family-friendly measures (graduate schools, collaborative research centres, departments and faculties).

The Family Support Centre would be happy to advise you of the type and scope of care available. Upon consultation, you might also be eligible to take advantage of care options beyond the standard service offered.


Formulars and Links

Informationen für Eltern zur Nutzung des Angebots (pdf) 
Information for Parents (english)

Informationen für Vorgesetzte zur Nutzung des Angebots (pdf)
Information for Managers and Supervisors (english)

Formular zur Auftragserteilung
Order for Childcare Service (english)

Childcare Agreement (english)

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